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iPad Air Prices

iPad Air is here and can now be purchased from all major online retailers. We recommend argos who will give you a £50 voucher to spend in store on certain iPads.

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iPad 3 Prices Coming Soon

iPad 3 Prices Coming Soon.

The iPad 2 is still the hottest tablet on the market offering great functionality in the most stylish device. iPad 3 prices are about to be released at an event on the 7th of March that will be the official launch of the device. It’s hard to believe the iPad 2 only appeared one year ago, since then tablets have become the mainstream. But no matter how many devices have come out none have yet to compete with the original iPad on quality. Now that the iPad 3 is on the cusp of release everybody is guessing how it will perform, how it will look, what its specifications will be and most important what the iPad 3 release price will be. There is a great buzz happening around the event and no matter who you ask everybody is sure of one thing, this is going to be one of the best consumer electronic devices ever released. Nobody is sure what the iPad 3 launch price will be but there are some guides.


There will be Several Different Options.

Nobody is quite sure what flavours the iPad 3 will come in but its pricing will certainly be influence by what each specific model contains. With past models the launch price has been dictated by the internal memory of the device and its connectivity. All previous models have come with internal wifi but pricing was higher on models with 3G capabilities. The advent of 4G will be the biggest influence on the iPad 3 launch price. Because of previous price differences with 3G models it is difficult to know whether they will add a 4G model to the line or make it either wifi or 4G. The iPad 2 had 6 different versions and prices with 3 separate storage capacities and the choice of 3G or no 3G. With 4G capabilities being added according to rumours the iPad 3 launch prices may come in eight separate prices or even more depending on the storage options which may increase. iPad 3 prices are probably going to increase anyway across the board so you’ll be paying for that great new device.


The iPad 3 launch price is the subject of great speculation on the internet and in tech magazines and newspapers. The only price everybody would love is a fat duck egg but that’s not going to happen. When the day comes expect many different prices and an increase in the price of at least the 4G models. LTE implementation isn’t cheap and Apple will expect you to pay for it. Most of all when the iPad 3 release prices finally come out enjoy. You’ll have a new gadget to drool over in shop windows at the very least.

iPad for £49 expires end Thursday


Group buying website Groupon is offering a 32Gb iPad on TMobile  for £49 on a 24 month contract.See this link below -

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You can also get the iPad 3G 64gb for 7% off if you add an item for £21 (makes sense to add the belkin pleated ipad case which is £21) to the basket. Use code 7600 for 7% off orders over £600 making the iPad 3G 64gb and belkin ipad case just £558.00


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Sell Your Old iPad to Buy an iPad 2

What to get you hands on the iPad 2 ?

Why not sell your old iPad and put the money towards your new iPad.

Checkout the links below for latest sale prices

iPad Wifi 16GB

iPad Wifi 32Gb

iPad Wifi 64GB

iPad 3G 16Gb


iPad 2 Price Announced - Uk Price freeze at £429


So the iPad has been officially announced by Steve Jobs Himself, at 6pm GMT this evening.

A quick look at the specs -


  • Dual Core A5 Processors
  • 9X Faster Graphics
  • 33% thinner (8.8mm)
  • Front & Rear Facing Video Camera
  • Black & White Versions
  • Same 10 Hour Battery Life
  • Same £429 price point
It'll be in stores March 11th


iPad 2 Prices - Announced Today

iPad 2 Prices

iPad 2 will be announced today at Apple's event, we'll have all the latest news on pricing and spec as soon as it's available.

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